Market Minute

Market Minute - July 2020

Posted on Jul 07, 2020 in Market Minute

As we move deeper into July, our real estate market here on the Sunshine Coast continues to heat up. Gibsons, specifically, is suffering from a lack of inventory which is pushing prices higher.

Spring is typically a busy time for real estate but that demand was bottled up due to quarantine. With restrictions lessening, interest in the Sunshine Coas...

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Market Minute - June 2020

Posted on Jun 02, 2020 in Market Minute

Sunshine Coast real estate prices are currently stable because of low inventory due to sellers holding off on listing. I'm hearing of multiple offer scenarios and some homes even selling above asking price.

But while this is happening, year-over-year stats show a BIG drop in the number of sales between this May and last. I believe there's been a hug...

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Market Minute - May 2020

Posted on May 13, 2020 in Market Minute

Last month's home sales were WAY down compared to April 2019. The last couple of months have been challenging for sellers but baring another widespread outbreak, the Sunshine Coast real estate market may be turning a corner.

Two big things that put people off moving to the Sunshine Coast are no longer major factors. Would-be buyers that loathed the...

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Market Minute - April 2020

Posted on Apr 03, 2020 in Market Minute

In an interview with Yahoo Finance Canada, Benjamin Tal, deputy chief economist at CIBC Capital Markets, had the following to say about Canada's real estate market:

“The way I see it the housing market is basically frozen... no buyers and no sellers. That in a way will limit or even eliminate any notable downward risk to prices. Simply the number of...

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Market Minute - March 2020

Posted on Mar 02, 2020 in Market Minute

The Canadian government recently announced revised mortgage qualification rules that will come into effect on April 6th of this year.

Current rules require would-be buyers to qualify for a mortgage using the Bank of Canada's average five-year-rate. But starting in early April, qualifying using that Bank of Canada rate goes out the window. According...

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Market Minute - February 2020

Posted on Jan 30, 2020 in Market Minute

February finds the Sunshine Coast still in a Buyers’ Market but there are indications that we will be moving towards a balanced situation before the end of the year. Sellers seem to have accepted the new reality with regard to pricing their homes to sell and there are less overpriced listings on the market.

February is a good month in which to list


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