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Canada's Victoria Day AKA May Long Weekend

Posted on May 13, 2019 in About the Sunshine Coast

The May long weekend is widely considered to be Canada’s unofficial start to summer. Here on BC’s Sunshine Coast, it kicks off our busy tourism season that’ll last until Labour Day.

Out west, May’s long weekend goes by May Tw0-Four and May-Long while in Ontario, it’s sometimes called Firecracker Day. But the holiday’s proper name is Victoria Day and...

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Gibsons' Sea Cavalcade Cancelled for 2019?

Posted on Apr 09, 2019 in About the Sunshine Coast

For the first time in five decades, it looks like Gibsons might go without its longtime summer festival, the Sea Cavalcade.

In an open letter posted on its website, the Sunshine Coast Sea Cavalcade Society Board announced that the popular summer event can’t continue, “without essential people to assume the necessary roles that the festival requires...

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Sound of Safety

Posted on Mar 29, 2019 in About the Sunshine Coast

April Fools' Day 2019!

None of what you just watched in the previous video is actually happening. It's just a bit of April Fools' Day fun from me (Realtor Tony Browton) and the District of Sechelt.

While keeping Sechelt's parks safe and enjoyable is a priority for the District, there are currently no plans to install speakers, wireless of otherwise.


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Downsizing to BC's Sunshine Coast

Posted on Mar 25, 2019 in About the Sunshine Coast

The allure of moving into a smaller, more manageable, more affordable home is an increasingly popular concept, especially with parents of adult children. Preferring single-level living also factors into the decision to downsize.

If fewer rooms to clean and a smaller yard to maintain sound attractive, it might be time to consider downsizing. BC’s Sun...

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BC's new area code is 647

Posted on Mar 18, 2019 in About the Sunshine Coast

Starting May 4th of 2019, British Columbians will be getting a new area code, bringing the provincial total to five. Get ready to start seeing phone numbers that start with 672.

Back in 2001, ten-digit dialing was introduced to Metro Vancouver and then, seven years later in 2008, the rest of the province followed suit. That meant that whether you we...

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Gibsons is Open for Business

Posted on Mar 07, 2019 in About the Sunshine Coast

Gibsons is well known as having the best drinking water in the world as well as being the most liveable community in the world but most recently, it won the Open for Business award from Small Business BC. 

According to Small Business BC, the award s...

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