Why and how Canadian drivers should zipper merge

Posted on Jan 14, 2019 in About the Sunshine Coast

Watch the zipper merge demonstration video underneath this post

The zipper merge is the standard in many parts of the world and has been proven to be safer, faster, and fairer than the wait-in-a-long-line method favoured by Canadian drivers.

The well-known politeness of Canadians is actually detrimental to a smooth transition through a bottleneck. A...

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Market Minute - January 2019

Posted on Jan 09, 2019 in Market Minute

Twenty-eighteen saw tighter mortgage qualification rules, higher mortgage rates, and a foreign buyers’ tax that DOESN’T apply to the Sunshine Coast. What’s can we expect for 2019?

Predictions vary from a flat Vancouver market for the rest of the year to prices continuing to fall for the foreseeable future. As the Sunshine Coast is impacted by the Va...

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What would happen if a tsunami hit BC's Sunshine Coast?

Posted on Jan 05, 2019 in About the Sunshine Coast

According to the National Weather Service, there are an average of two tsunamis each year that cause damage near their source. This means that unlike hurricanes or tornados or forest fires, tsunamis are a much rarer occurrence. This fact alone means the risk of a tsunami hitting the Sunshine Coast is very low.

But what if the worst came to happen an...

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Traveling from BC's Sunshine Coast to Vancouver International Airport

Posted on Dec 17, 2018 in About the Sunshine Coast


If you live on BC's Sunshine Coast and you're planning on traveling or taking a holiday, there's a good chance you'll be flying out of Vancouver's International Airport (YVR). You can of course drive but that means dealing with the aggravation and expense of putting your car on the ferry and paying for parking at the airport. There's also...

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