Soames Hill Park in Gibsons, BC

(March 19, 2018, posted in About the Sunshine Coast)

Maps and directions to Soames Hill in Gibsons, BC.

No place gives you a better view of Gibsons than the top of Soames Hill. This 45-minute hike provides you with spectacular vistas of Howe Sound and even Vancouver Island. The walk up is steep but the view is more than worth the effort.

Soames Hill Park is a five-minut... read more.

Coast car co-op on BC's sunshine coast

(March 12, 2018, posted in About the Sunshine Coast)

Buying a car is typically the second largest purchase you’ll make. Luckily for Sunshine Coasters, a more affordable option is to join the Coast Car Co-op and only pay for a car when you actually need it.

Carsharing saves you on the cost and hassle of vehicle maintenance, oil changes and repair time. Those expenses are covered by your membership and by the reasonable hourly fee you pay each time you... read more.

BC's new Foreign Buyers Tax and Speculation Tax on real estate

(February 26, 2018, posted in Market Minute)

On February 20, 2018, BC’s NDP government released its first budget since being elected last year. Two real estate items that have received a lot of attention are the announcements of a new speculation tax and the expansion of the existing foreign buyers tax.

In a press release, the provincial government said that the new speculation tax will come into effect this fall and “target foreign and domes... read more.

What's the population of BC's Sunshine COast?

(February 18, 2018, posted in About the Sunshine Coast)

Today we’re going to talk about the population of BC’s Sunshine Coast. There are lots of numbers in this video but I’ve included links to all the estimates at the bottom of this page.

According to BC Stats, the most recent estimated population of the Sunshine Coast is 29,390 people. This includes an area that stretches from Port Mellon, past Gibsons and Sechelt, and all the way up to Egmont.

Nearly... read more.

Where is Gibsons Landing?

(February 08, 2018, posted in About the Sunshine Coast)

Where is Gibsons Landing? Is it a different place than just Gibsons? And what the heck is a landing, anyway?

In 1886, an ex-British naval officer named George Gibson homesteaded on BC’s Sunshine Coast after “landing” on what would eventually become Gibsons Landing. In 1947, locals requested that the name be shortened to just “Gibsons.” But despite that name change more than 70 years ago, the part o... read more.