The end of dual agency in BC - December Market Minute

(December 11, 2017)

BC is set to become the first province in Canada to ban the practice of dual agency in all but a very specific set of circumstances. As of March 15, 2018, a single Realtor will no longer be able to represent both the buyer AND the seller during a single real estate transaction.

I believe the elimination of dual agency is overdue. When I’m selling a client’s home, it’s long been my policy to refer... read more.

Gibsons' advisory bike lane: How does it work?

(December 03, 2017, posted in About the Sunshine Coast)

Download the explanatory diagram for Gibsons' advisory bike lane here:

Tony Browton here at the Eagle View Heights info centre on Marine Drive with a quick explainer on the new Gibsons' advisory bike lane at Shaw Road. This new layout is actually quite common in Europe - If the Dutch can figure it out, it should be a snap for a bunch of bright Canadians.

Here's how it... read more.

Exotic Fruit Nursery in Roberts Creek

(December 03, 2017, posted in About the Sunshine Coast)

If you want to know about growing fruit in Canada, The Exotic Fruit Nursery should be your first stop.

The Exotic Fruit Nursery, located on a few acres of land in Roberts Creek, BC is owned and operated by Annette Clarke with the help of her son, Nicolas.

Born in Germany, Annette moved to Vancouver fifteen years ago while performing research in Squamish as part of her studies in geography, biology... read more.

Buying a business in Gibsons, BC

(November 29, 2017, posted in Investment Insights)

I can’t imagine a better place to own a business than on BC’s spectacular Sunshine Coast. Today we’re going to tour Gibsons and I’ll show you why this is a great community in which to live, work, and invest.

Gibsons is the southernmost community on the Sunshine Coast and is home to roughly 4,600 people. It also services a large rural region comprised of an additional 13,000 residents.

Despite its m... read more.

What is the Weather on the Sunshine Coast?

(November 29, 2017, posted in About the Sunshine Coast)

The weather on BC’s Sunshine Coast is mild and temperate, especially when compared to other parts of Canada. The region lives up to its name with an average of 231 sunny days per year.

Summers on the Coast are warm but not too warm. The average high temperate from June through September is 23 degrees Celsius with occasional stretches of plus-30 weather. Summers on the Coast are ideal for camping, s... read more.